Moki User Guide


Unpack the Moki Reader and connect it to your PC via the attached USB cable.

The Moki Bands are battery powered and fitted with new batteries so no charging is required.

Once the Reader is connected and your Bands are ready proceed to step 02.


With the Moki Reader connected to your PC download the Moki app by clicking the button below.

Download the App

Once the download has finished double click on the file to initiate the Moki installation process. Follow the on-screen steps to install the app and the necessary components to your PC. Once completed you will be asked to re-start your PC in order to finalise the setup process.

With your PC restarted Moki is now ready to launch! Double click on the Moki 'M' icon that has now been added to your desktop.

Troubleshooting and Support

Once the Reader and App are ready to go you can start adding Players and pairing them with the Bands. For a full Moki App walkthrough guide visit our Tutorials section.

If at any point you have any technical issues or problems please don't hesitate to contact our customer support here.

Contact Support

Useful Resources

For answers to frequently asked questions check out our FAQ.


For more information regarding how Moki handles your private data see our Privacy Policy.