Active schools means healthier, happier kids

We’ve all seen the headlines, “Alarm as lack of exercise is fuelling child obesity crisis” (Daily Express, 2017) or “Lack of physical activity among girls leading to poor mental health and low aspirations” (Independent, 2018). It’s no surprise that schools are under more pressure than ever before to show how they are tackling physical activity, and that school performance will be rated by the UK government from 2019.

But the big question is – how can schools do this? How can they successfully identify their least active pupils and monitor the activity of the school as a whole? How can they use this insight to build a strategy that best supports pupils to be more active?

MOKI (MO ving KI ds).

Moki is a smart wristband and software application that measures in-school physical activity and provides user-friendly reports for schools and teachers. For pupils, Moki can be used to create personalised challenges for individual children (Players) and/or classes or groups (Teams) linked to positive rewards and achievements. Moki has been designed from the ground up to be an intuitive, robust and reliable way to measure activity across an entire school.