The Active Schools Project

The Active Schools Project will be the largest and most accurate assessment of in-school physical activity ever undertaken.

In 2019 we will provide 1,000 representative UK primary school children (and their teachers) with a free Moki® pedometer wristband and software application to enable them to review, understand and respond to their in-school physical activity levels in real time. During the project, we will record close to 1 billion unique movements or ‘steps’.

The Active Schools Project is extremely timely. Almost one third of children in the UK are overweight or obese and in 2018/19 the government is planning to phase-in an assessment of how primary schools are working to improve physical activity. Our preliminary work indicates that there are enormous physical activity inequalities in schools, and that not all children are getting the same health benefit in spite of similar opportunities.

The Active Schools Project will empower children and their teachers/schools through improved understanding of in-school physical activity. The Active Schools Project will have longer term impacts through the dissemination of guidance and strategies to help teachers and other key stakeholders understand how to monitor (total) in-school physical activity and, especially, how teachers and schools can best provide support for those pupils who need it the most.

The Active Schools Project is the result of partnership with the Swindon and Wiltshire Health and Life Science Innovation Hub and the European Regional Development Fund.

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