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How long is the Demo period?

2 full weeks (10 working/school days) from when you receive the bands. There are no limitations to the functionality of the Bands or the Moki App so you will be able to access the full Moki experience.

What's in the Demo Pack?

The Moki Demo Pack contains the following:
  • 3 x Moki Bands
  • 1 x Moki Reader

Terms & Conditions

  • Our Demo Pack offer has its own Terms & Conditions, please ensure that you have read and accept these Demo Pack Terms before you proceed to add the product to your Cart.
  • Please note we can only offer 1 Demo Pack per school.
  • Due to high product demand this is an application for a Moki Demo Pack and completion does not guarantee acceptance into the Demo programme.  

The Moki App

Once your purchase is completed you will receive an email confirmation along with a link to create your Moki account and download the free Moki desktop app.