Move your class!

Moki is the only activity tracker designed for schools.

Helping schools nurture healthy and happy kids.

Moki is an activity tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to better understand and promote an active curriculum for their students.

Total Steps Counted


Average Daily Steps


The Band

The Moki Band is a comfortable, durable, water-resistant pedometer. Designed specifically for groups the Moki band does not need to be recharged or use Bluetooth.

The Reader

Connect the Moki Reader to any Windows PC via USB. When a Moki Band taps the Moki Reader the data is transferred to the app. It's quick, easy and secure.

The App

Measure and motivate the activity of every child in your school, every day with the Moki app. View reports, create teams and set challenges with this powerful app designed to help schools get healthy.

Key Features

Tap to Sync

Moki bands contain the same technology used for contactless payments making it both easy and secure to transfer data from the wristband to any Windows PC.

Designed for Schools

From the contactless technology and batteries to the app design and pricing, Moki is designed to be effective and accessible for schools large and small.

Insight + Inspiration

Moki gives you a clear picture of your school's activity as well as the tools to identify ways in which you can best support your students to be more active.

Privacy by Design

The Moki band is a pedometer that records the unique movements or 'steps' of the child wearing it.  Whilst the school is able to record and review the specific child's data locally, no personal information is transmitted to Moki servers without first being Encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), all data remains Encrypted whilst at rest and through all operational activities.  


I love my Moki. I can't wait to tap it and see how many steps I did! My best day was 8,127 steps.

– Eve, Year 5

I love the Challenges. We split our class into teams to see who could do the most in a day.

– Alex, Year 7

Moki has been a huge success. The kids love it and it's so simple that they can basically run it themselves.

– Sophie, Teacher

Being able to measure the impact of our activities like the Daily Mile and Walk to School days is invaluable.

– James, Headteacher

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